Affiliate and Collaborative News

June 2022

FORVIS: Created by the merger of equals between BKD and DHG

Collegis: Enrollment Growth Might Be Right in Your Backyard

Cullen and Dykman: Announcing a New Practice Area!

SecurIT360: Simple Cybersecurity Tips for your Business

May 2022

Collegis: What Are Micro-Credentials? How Colleges Are Adapting to the Modern Workforce

BKD CPAs & Advisors: BKD and DHG Planned Merger

TimelyMD: Results From Latest Student Survey

Alera Group: Trends in Youth Mental Health

April 2022

Constellation: Energy Market Update

Megawatt Hour: Cornell's Lake Source Cooling Project has More Than Proven Its Worth

UGE: Adding More Solar to the Grid in Q1

Collegis: Moving from Google Universal Analytics to GA4 Without Losing Data

Acadeum: Updated Course Sharing Guide for 2022



CICU Summer Webinar Series, 2022. Thanks to our sponsors!

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Past Events

On March 1, 2022, CICU held its annual meeting for presidents. Thanks to our sponsors!

CICU Summer School, 2021. Thanks to our CICU Summer School sponsors!

March 2, 2021: CICU Virtual Annual Meeting for Presidents. Thanks to our sponsors!

February 25, 2020: Annual Meeting for College Presidents at the Albany Capital Center, and reception celebrating Independent Higher Education in New York at the Legielative Office Building in Albany. Thanks to our sponsors!

October 15, 2019: CICU hosted a regional meeting at The Culinary Institute of America where more than 130 attendees from 40 CICU member colleges and universities came together for networking, collaborating, and learning. Thanks to our sponsors!

CICU Affiliates and The CICU Collaborative

The independent colleges and universities of New York are collaborating to reduce costs, promote strategic alliances, and leverage economies of scale.  Through CICU, the Independent Sector is leveraging the collective purchasing power of more than 100 of the finest institutions in higher education to control the cost of college and reduce inefficiencies.

Businesses are invited to join our effort, and campuses are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities.

CICU Affiliates

Businesses are invited to affiliate with CICU.  Interested companies should complete an application. 

Affiliation is required before joining the CICU Collaborative.

The CICU Collaborative

Business members selected to join our collaborative are committed to enhancing independent higher education by offering products and services to CICU member institutions.   

Members of our Collaborative are trusted partners, with established higher education relationships, and a reputation for quality.  CICU members know that Collaborative companies are vetted, and are providing the best available value.

If you have any questions, or require additional information, please contact: or call (518) 436-4781.