Webinar: ScholarBuys

Please join us on January 28th at 11:00am EST for a webinar around Modernizing Data Centers in Higher Education with our reseller partner ScholarBuys and Nutanix. 

In this one-hour session we will share how colleges and universities are leveraging Nutanix to build an Agile Infrastructure with Intelligent Operations and Financial Flexibility:

Agile Infrastructure

  • Standardize upon infrastructure that can be deployed in minutes and can scale out as your business grows, without disruption.
  • Deploy a natively integrated Software-Defined solution.
  • Get cloud-like benefits with the freedom to choose the right technologies for your business needs.

Intelligent Operations

  • Consolidate everything into one management console.
  • Gain integrated control and visibility across the virtualized infrastructure stack.
  • Leverage advanced machine learning technology to gain insights and optimize virtualization and infrastructure planning and management.

Financial Flexibility

  • Convert CapEx to OpEx.
  • Eliminate the pay infrastructure in 3 to 5 year cycles.
  • Plus, we will share an independent study from IDC which found a decrease in operating expenses of 60% along with a 5-year ROI of 534% and a 7-month payback.

We will also discuss the possibility of developing strategic partnership / group purchasing agreement with Nutanix exclusive to our membership through our technology reseller, ScholarBuys. A CICU sponsored Nutanix Agreement would enable participating institutions to combine their purchasing power to qualify for deeper discounts. CICU’s reseller partner, ScholarBuys, would consolidate the license demand of each school into separate enrollments, thus keeping the interests of each entity separate. Furthermore, a CICU agreement would establish a foundation for a closer and more strategic partnership with Nutanix. ScholarBuys has a unique focus and experience in partnering with academic consortia to help establish and manage group purchasing programs. These programs have enabled member institutions to obtain economies of scale, in addition to special attention and resources from both the manufacturer and ScholarBuys.  

We hope you will be able to join us!

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