Statement by CICU President Regarding President Obama's Higher Education Proposals

News Date: 9/17/2012

Laura L. Anglin, president of the Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities, a statewide association for more than 100 private, not-for-profit New York State colleges and universities, said:

“We were pleased that during his trip to New York State, President Obama highlighted clearly the value of higher education and that college is a worthwhile investment for both students and society. The President’s proposals address issues of cost, quality, and accountability that are very important to students, parents, and institutions. This is an important dialogue and the goals are worthy. Private, not-for-profit colleges and universities in New York continue to work hard to keep the cost of higher education as low as possible while continuing to provide exceptional academic quality. We look forward to working with the Administration and Congress on these important issues moving forward.”


About the Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities (CICU): The Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities (CICU) represents the chief executives of New York's 100+ independent (private, not-for-profit) colleges and universities on issues of public policy. Member colleges compose the largest private sector of higher education in the world and confer most of the bachelor's degrees (54%), master's degrees (73%), and doctoral and first-professional degrees (79%) earned in New York State.

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