Statement from CICU President Mary Beth Labate on Protests in the Wake of Death of George Floyd

News Date: 6/2/2020

CICU President Mary Beth Labate released the following statement in reaction to the nationwide protests in reaction to the death of George Floyd. 

"We stand with the peaceful protestors across the country who are marching to recognize the gross and violent injustice that was responsible for the death of George Floyd and too many other black lives that have been taken because of the systemic racism in our nation.  

"We all have a role to play to create change in our society. We must continue to make our voices heard, now more than ever, and we must convert those voices into action. Access to higher education is a fundamental equalizer but hearts, minds, and policies must also change. The pernicious history of racism and disparate treatment in the criminal justice system is well researched and documented. Now is the time to act upon what we know—to purge policies, practices, and attitudes that put people at risk simply for the color of their skin."