A Statement from CICU President, Lola W. Brabham, Regarding President Biden’s Proposed 2023 Budget

News Date: 3/31/2022

A statement from CICU President, Lola W. Brabham, regarding President Biden’s Proposed 2023 Budget: 

“I applaud President Biden for including an increase to the federal Pell Grant in the FY 2023 budget proposal. More than 380,000 New York college students count on Pell Grants to afford college every year and the proposal to increase the maximum award from $6,895 to $8,670 is critically important. For 50 years the Pell Grant has supported students’ college dreams. Investing in this student aid will ensure that earning a college degree remains an attainable goal for our students and future leaders. On behalf of the 100+ member colleges and universities CICU represents, we urge Congress to act to pass the budget with the increase in the federal in Pell Grant intact.”