Statement from CICU President on Gubernatorial Candidate Cynthia Nixon's Education Plan

News Date: 6/13/2018

Statement from CICU President Mary Beth Labate on Gubernatorial Candidate Cynthia Nixon's Education Plan:

"It is unfortunate that Cynthia Nixon did not do her homework before releasing her plan for education in New York. Her “Educate NY” plan ignores the 300,000 New Yorkers who choose to pursue higher education at a private, not-for-profit college or university in our state. Two-thirds of those students come from families that earn less than $125,000 annually,” said Mary Beth Labate, president of the Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities. 

"New York’s support for higher education has led to a robust public-private partnership. The state’s 100+ private, not-for-profit colleges and universities work alongside the SUNY and CUNY systems to offer broad access to higher education and  immense taxpayer value,” Labate said.

"Ms. Nixon does not seem to recognize how important private colleges and universities are to New York’s economy, particularly the upstate economy. Private, not-for-profit colleges and universities generate $80 billion in economic activity statewide every year and support more than 400,000 jobs. They do this while providing $5.4 billion in student aid from their own resources. If Ms. Nixon is concerned about the state’s economy, she should pay close attention to the vital role private, not-for-profit colleges and universities play in communities large and small. New Yorkers should not accept any policy proposals that fail to assist all students, fail to protect jobs and fail to safeguard the communities that depend on private college campuses for economic vitality,” Labate said.