Statement from CICU Interim President Dr. Drew Bogner onĀ Federal Stimulus Funding

News Date: 12/22/2020

Statement from CICU Interim President Dr. Drew Bogner on Federal Stimulus Funding

“On behalf of New York’s 100+ private, not-for-profit colleges and universities and our nearly 500,000 students, we thank New York’s congressional delegation for securing necessary aid for struggling college students and institutions. This aid is only one step toward easing the economic burdens students and families are bearing as a result of the pandemic. The important changes to federal student aid programs in the bill — including improved access to Pell Grants — will help support students in the long term. While this federal economic stimulus package provides necessary aid, we urge our Congressional representatives to continue to fight for aid for our state and local governments to address the substantial financial burden caused by the pandemic. The state cannot abandon students and families and must uphold its commitment to student aid programs including TAP. Our students have struggled and adapted in order to continue their education and private colleges have worked hard to protect public safety. New York State must not leave them out in the cold this budget season.”