Statement from CICU Interim Dr. Drew Bogner on Passage of the American Rescue Plan

News Date: 3/11/2021

Statement from CICU Interim President Drew Bogner on Passage of the American Rescue Plan COVID-19 Relief Package:

“Students across the country can breathe a small sigh of relief with the passage of the American Rescue Plan COVID-19 relief package. On behalf of the 100+ independent colleges and universities across New York and their students, we thank Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer, Representatives Jamaal Bowman and Joseph Morelle,  and the entire New York delegation for working to ensure New York’s college students were not left out in the cold as we work to break free from the pandemic. Students have remained resilient throughout the pandemic in the face of incredible challenges, working toward their degrees so they can contribute to our nation’s economic recovery. The funding included in the package will help address the estimated $3.2 billion impact the pandemic has had on New York’s private colleges to date. Aiding struggling colleges and universities to remain open and ensuring disadvantaged students don’t slip through the cracks.”