Independent College and University Presidents Launch of Campus Community Partners Initiative, Monday, March 7

News Date: 3/1/2011



New York Independent College and University Presidents Launch Campus Community Partners Initiative

Brainpower, Partnerships, and Resources for New York State Communities

WHEN: Monday, March 7, 2011, 5:15 to 6:00 p.m. 
WHERE: The State Room, 142 State Street, Main entrance on Eagle Street between State and Howard,

WHAT: In conjunction with the Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities' 55th Annual Meeting, CICU-member presidents will launch a new "Campus Community Partners: Solutions for New York's Future" initiative. Independent colleges and universities play a significant role as anchor tenants in their respective regions, as well as in cities, towns, villages and neighborhoods. As partners, CICU campuses are helping to address future challenges facing New York's communities and to provide critical services and programs to assist the broad needs of New York State citizens.

WHO: New York State Lieutenant Governor Robert Duffy and Maureen Curley, president of Campus Compact, a national organization focused on higher education community impact, will provide remarks. 
Guests will include more than 55 independent college and university presidents, as well as more than 100 elected officials, state legislators, higher education policymakers, and administrators, business leaders, and community, civic and economic development leaders. 

5:15 PM - Welcome - Anthony G. Collins, Chair, CICU Board of Trustees and President, Clarkson University

5:20 PM - Remarks from special guests Robert Duffy, Lieutenant Governor of New York; and Maureen F. Curley, President of Campus Compact

5:45 PM - Student perspectives

6:00 PM - Adjourn
BACKGROUND: Although their principal focus is teaching and research, colleges and universities enhance community life, promote economic opportunity, and improve health and safety. Volunteerism in college often leads to life-long civic engagement; college gradates volunteer more, vote more often, and participate more in their communities. Colleges and universities also offer numerous - often free - artistic, athletic, cultural, and musical events. 
Beyond the impact that the Independent Sector brings to communities in New York State, colleges and universities are also significant private employers. Collectively, private, not-for-profit colleges and universities contribute $54.3 billion to the State's economy annually, directly employing 174,000 individuals. In nine of the states counties, private education represents five percent of more of total employment.  Further, in 1964, top employers in New York were dominated by manufacturing firms. Today, Cornell University and University of Rochester are two of the state's top employers.