CICU President Issues Statement on Governor Cuomo's 2018 State of the State Address

News Date: 1/3/2018

Mary Beth Labate, President of the Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities, a statewide association for more than 100 private, not-for-profit New York State colleges and universities, issued the following statement in response to Governor Andrew Cuomo's 2018 State of the State address:

“Governor Cuomo has once again set forth an important agenda to ensure New York thrives in these challenging times.

"The Governor’s proposals and negotiations on the State’s upcoming budget come at a time when the federal government is advocating proposals that could make college less affordable; all college students need strong support from state leaders now more than ever.

“As some of the state’s most significant employers, New York’s private, not-for-profit colleges and universities are greatly interested in Governor Cuomo’s efforts to find creative solutions to protect New Yorkers from detrimental elements of the recently-passed federal tax overhaul. We want to be helpful and supportive in finding approaches that will help us retain world-class experts and talented professionals here in the Empire State.

“We thank the Governor for his leadership on strengthening consumer protections in the student loan industry so all students are treated fairly and we look forward to working with state leaders to ensure that students and families have access to the information and resources they need when deciding to make an investment in a college education. By providing $5.4 billion in financial aid each year from their own resources, New York's private, not for profit colleges and universities are committed to helping students attend the college that best meets their needs and are focused on the importance of prudent borrowing decisions that will yield a significant return on investment.

“CICU applauds Governor Cuomo’s proposal to reconvene the scientific advisory committee on climate change. New York’s private, not-for-profit colleges and universities stand ready to continue their leadership role as the state seeks science-based solutions to the effects of climate change and works to create a clean energy economy.

“For centuries, private, not-for-profit colleges and universities in New York have worked to ensure New Yorkers are ready to creatively solve problems; preparing individuals to contribute meaningfully to today’s workforce, and to help create the workforce of tomorrow, is at the heart of our missions. CICU welcomes Governor Cuomo’s proposal on workforce development and we are eager to continue to help the state lead in this important effort."