Liberty Partnerships Program

The Liberty Partnerships Program was established in 1988 to address the significant high school drop out rate of New York’s youth. Programs are run by public and private colleges throughout New York State and provide participating students with academic support and encouragement, individual and family counseling, and career and college planning guidance.


  • Established in 1988 to address the significant high school dropout rate, there are currently 47 programs serving more than 14,200 students statewide, including 15 programs at Independent Sector institutions serving 4,700 students.
  • LPP provides these at-risk students with mentoring, tutoring, and college readiness activities.
  • Data from the 2016-17 LPP program found that 14,207 middle and high school students who are at-risk for dropping out of school in New York State received services through LPP.
  • From the 2016-17 LPP program, 2,063 of the LPP High School seniors (94 percent) graduated high school.
  • Funding for LPP has not increased since 2016.


2019-20: $18.36 million

2018-19: $18.36 million

2017-18: $18.36 million

2016-17: $18.36 million

2015-16: $15.30 million

2014-15: $13.31 million