Higher Education Capital (HECap) Matching Grants Program

In 2005 the Legislature and Governor finalized a $150 million capital matching program for independent colleges and universities. Under this program, New York State will contribute a dollar of support for every three dollars spent by Independent Sector campuses. College and universities are natural partners in state efforts to generate economic development, foster urban renewal, and provide academic support. We are grateful to the Governor and Legislature in working with us to provide funding for this program. HECap allocations continue to spur economic development, create thousands of jobs across the state, and leverage the state's higher education institutions to sustain recent economic growth and expansion.

In 2014, CICU worked with Governor Cuomo and the Legislature to secure $30 million in new funding for the Higher Education Capital (HECap) Matching Grants Program. Since then, CICU has been able to secure a new $30 million allocation in each successive state budget. The Independent Sector has demonstrated its ability to be a strong partner with state government in creating jobs and stimulating economic activity. For more information, click here.


  • The HECap partnership program leverages public and private resources for the development and construction of facilities needed to foster world-class education at private, not-for-profit colleges and universities.
  • The facilities made possible through the HECap program are the centerpieces of their communities and attract students and talented faculty to remain in or come to New York State.
  • For every dollar in state support, private colleges and universities must invest at least three dollars.
  • All projects pay prevailing wages and meet state MWBE requirements.
  • The HECap program has leveraged more than $1 billion in infrastructure spending across the state, creating more than 14,000 jobs in communities throughout New York, including more than 7,000 construction jobs paying prevailing wage.
  • Since the program’s inception in 2005, the state has awarded $268 million in HECap funding and private colleges and universities have matched the state’s support with more than $800 million.
  • Private colleges and universities confer 59.1 percent of all bachelor’s and graduate degrees in the state, contribute $88.8 billion in economic impact, and employ more than 415,000 people.


2019-20: $30 million

2018-19: $30 million

2017-18: $30 million

2016-17: $30 million

2015-16: $30 million

2014-15: $30 million