Direct Institutional (“Bundy”) Aid

The Direct Institutional “Bundy” Aid program provides funding directly to independent colleges based on degree productivity. Private, not-for-profit colleges and universities use the funds for student aid and to enhance the educational experience on their campuses. Bundy Aid has been a centerpiece of New York's compact with Independent Sector colleges and universities for 50 years. 


  • Bundy Aid is used primarily for student aid and supports that help ensures students get over the finish line to graduation. Bundy Aid also helps campuses cover the cost of mandated services.

  • Bundy Aid is outcome-based, student-focused and tied to our collective goal of college completion. Colleges earn Bundy Aid based on the number of degrees they confer.

  • Bundy Aid funding has been held flat for decades and is funded at less than 20 percent of statutory levels. It is the ONLY source of unrestricted support for private, not-for-profit colleges and universities in New York State, which confer 60 percent of all bachelor and graduate degrees in the state. 


2019-20: $35.13 million

2018-19: $35.13 million

2017-18: $35.13 million

2016-17: $35.13 million

2015-16: $35.13 million

2014-15: $35.13 million