CICU Memos of Support 2019-20 Legislative Session

  • A.45 (Buchwald)/ S.4361 (Kaplan)Establishes the New York state innovation voucher program; provides small businesses with access to research and development by colleges and universities, government laboratories and public research institutes in order to assist such businesses in the creation of innovative products or services.

  • A.2341 (Gunther)/ S.5000 (Parker): Establishes the nurse loan repayment program; authorizes the commissioner to award loan repayment awards to nurses serving in underserved areas or nursing homes.

  • A.2405 (Glick)/ S.7118 (Sanders): Relates to admission requirements for graduate-level teacher and educational leader programs.

  • A.3704 (Gunther)/ S.4033-A (Stavisky)Establishes a clinical preceptorship personal income tax credit for certain health care professionals who provide preceptor instruction to students studying to be a health care professional.

  • A.5250 (Barrett)/ S.1889 (Skoufis): Increases the minimum tuition assistance program award and increases the tuition assistance program income threshold.

  • A.7980 (Rodriguez)/ S.6014 (Kennedy): Establishes the New York task force on automated vehicle technology to study and assess the future of automated vehicle technology

  • A.8267 (D'Urso)/ S.6325 (Kaplan)Relates to the term "reportable business relationship" as it relates to certain employees of the state university of New York and the city university of New York.

  • A.8469 (Zebrowski)/ S.5888-A (Stavisky): Relates to peace officers at institutions of higher education.

  • S.7117 (Sanders): Relates to the minimum cumulative grade point average admission requirement for graduate-level teacher and educational leader programs; removes the minimum 3.0 or higher requirement.