Edi Samaniego

Chief Financial Officer

Edi S.jpg

As Chief Financial Officer, Edicecil “Edi” Samaniego is responsible for overall administration of CICU operations including budgeting, compliance, financial reporting, case management, and benefits administration, among other duties.  She is also an active collaborator for CICU’s annual Latino College Fair.

Immediately prior to joining CICU Ms. Samaniego served as Business Manager at a private, K-12 school district in New York’s Hudson Valley.   She has also worked as an Internal Auditor at a  commercial bank in Waco, Texas.

In her community, Ms. Samaniego is an active member of the St. Thomas the Apostle parish, and serves on the board of the Spanish Apostolate of the Catholic Diocese of Albany.   She is the Co-chair of Pueblo to People, a organization of the Catholic Church created to help parishes in Central America. 

Ms. Samaniego holds degrees in business and banking administration from Baylor University, and Santa Maria La Antigua University of Panama.  She is fluent in English and Spanish with an understanding of Portuguese.   An active musician, Edi plays classic guitar, piano, and clarinet, regularly performing in the Albany area.