Current cIcu Collaborative Relationships

If you would like to learn more about our collaborative partners, please contact Jason Kramer, Vice President of Administration and Institutional Relations at cIcu.

AJGCurrently serving 100+ colleges and universities nationwide, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. (formerly Gallagher Koster) has established itself in the student insurance industry since its incorporation in 1994. Joining forces with the Arthur J. Gallagher Higher Education Practice niche in 2007, this team of specialists is devoted exclusively to developing innovative insurance and risk management solutions for the educational community. Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. offer an extensive portfolio of insurance products and related services provides clients with features to keep their student insurance program attractive and competitive.Consortium purchasing advantages: reduced insurance retention and administration costs, underwriting protection through group purchasing, no additional on-campus administrative cost, expanded account management services, and flexibility of customized plan design options. In addition, available products for colleges & university consortium clients include: student medical insurance, sports accident insurance, student accident insurance, short term medical insurance, international & study abroad insurance, camps, clinics & special event insurance, student property insurance, discount dental, and vision & wellness programs.

For more information, contact Teresa Koster at 800-457-5599.


AuditProAuditPROis mobile safety software that helps cIcu members improve compliance with Environmental, Worker Safety, and Fire Safety regulations, as well as reduce overall campus risk associated with these areas.

This “content included” professionally guided program allows University staff to complete safety surveys and report results in at least 50% less time with no prior safety experience necessary. Issues can be tracked from identification through correction using AuditPro’s flexible web portal and workflow management.  Administrators and users have access to actionable data in real time by using the dashboard’s graphical trending and reporting features. AuditPro can also integrate with 3rd party systems, such as work order systems.

AuditPro is used by colleges and universities to conduct safety surveys for all functional areas including, labs, physical plant, dining areas, athletic facilities, art & Theater areas. CICU negotiated purchasing advantages include: 30% discount on software purchase, unlimited AuditPro users, discount on EH&S support services, faster and lower cost safety surveys and reports, information to measure risk and track improvement, and improved compliance and safety

 To schedule an online demonstration contact Tony Martinez (650) 302-4437


First American LogoWith its national headquarters in Rochester, NY, First American Equipment Finance offers cIcu members competitive equipment leasing, equipment financing and asset management through the First American Equipment Finance Program. First American specializes in analyzing schools’ financial needs, equipment obsolescence strategies and developing lease programs that meet today’s modern needs. Under this program, cIcu members will receive preferred pricing, terms and conditions as well as various complementary services, such as online asset tracking.

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GEMGEM Energy optimizes the efficiency of facilities for reduced operating and utility costs.  Our expertise includes design and integration of Combined Heat and Power  (CHP) systems with Capstone micro-turbine technology as well as turn-key solar development that includes project financing, design, construction and service.  We are an approved NYSERDA Solar Installer/Contractor.  GEM Energy CHP systems are included in NYSERDA’s CHP Acceleration Program.  Whether working directly with ender user/owners or their architectural or engineering firms, our capabilities take energy productivity projects from design and construction to commissioning. Click here to download a promotional brochure.

Contact: Lauren Ray, Energy Solutions Engineer, 419-720-2833


JourneyEdJourneyEd is the nation’s leading supplier of technology related products and services for the academic markets with more than 20 years of dedicated service to millions of students, faculty, staff, institutions and public school districts nationwide. JourneyEd provides thousands of software and hardware products to CICU member institutions, educators and students at savings up to 85% off retail pricing. JourneyEd offers institution-specific websites for online ordering; verifies the academic status of every purchaser and ships products ready to be legally installed at work or home.

For CICU member institutions, JourneyEd offers special pricing on select software contracts:

  • Microsoft EES Agreement (formerly Campus Agreement)
  • Microsoft Select Agreement
  • Adobe VIP Agreement
  • Kaspersky Security Solutions Agreement
  • JourneyEd Work at Home Online Fulfillment


For more information, please contact Jason Watson; 800.876.3507, ext. 7111.


MegawattcIcu and The Megawatt Hour are pleased to announce a new energy purchasing and analysis program available to cIcu member colleges and universities. The Megawatt Hour gives cIcu membership a simple way to immediately access and evaluate, forecast, and budget energy purchasing. The Megawatt Hour has a track record of reducing energy costs by 15-20%.

By utilizing The Megawatt Hour's proprietary technology platform, campuses will be able to manage their electricity budgets, lower costs, reduce risks, and enhance transparency.

Consortium purchasing advantages:

  • Reduced data management and administrative costs,
  • lower energy costs,
  • more efficient budgeting for and reporting on energy costs,
  • more effective energy risk management,
  • more predictable energy costs and greater price certainty.

The experienced staff at The Megawatt Hour can advise campuses on product, procurement and purchasing strategies and can provide budgeting and reporting support to facilities, procurement and finance professionals.

For more information, contact Deirdre Lord at (866) 212-2050 x.1 or use the contact forum found on The Megawatt Hour website.


CleryThrough cIcu, your campus can join The Clery Center Collaborative for customized and sustainable approaches to campus safety and Clery Act compliance. Collaborative members have access to training, technical assistance, security reviews, member web portal, online Clery Act Self-Assessment Tools, community discussion forums/chat rooms and other resources designed to ease the burden of Clery compliance.

We recognize that independent colleges and universities across New York State (and the nation) are subject to, work to comply with, and go beyond just meeting the myriad federal laws and regulations, including the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972, and the Violence Against Women Act Final Regulations, and balance all of these requirements with meeting the needs of their students. With a continuing national conversation on the issue of campus safety and security, coupled with state statutes covering campus safety and sexual assault, an increasing number of campuses are collaborating to share information, best practices and training resources.

The Collaborative values its services at $10,535 per member institution, but has been offering annual memberships for $3,500. Through cIcu, you may now join the Clery Center Collaborative for $2,500.


Disclaimer: Where appropriate, cIcu may receive a nominal fee from corporate partners to offset a portion of the cost of program administration.